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Direct Cremation

Some people prefer to have their remains cremated rather than buried. This requires the body to be placed in a special crematory chamber where the human remains are reduced to cremated remains and residue. Today cremation as the final disposition has increased by 25%.

As with burial, a cremation can have a full service. One option is to have a viewing and then after the service is completed, the cremation takes place. There are special cremation caskets for just this purpose.

And finally, a cremation does not have to be accompanied by a service at all.

When cremation takes place, there are of course cremated remains. Many families choose to keep the cremated remains near the photo of the deceased. In some cases the cremated remains are divided among family members. In other cases cremated remains are buried or placed in a niche in a columbarium. Another option is to scatter the cremated remains at a favorite location, the park or the sea.

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